Display & Remarketing Advertisements 

Display & Remarketing Advertising Is the technique of showing ads to individuals based on audience or demographic lists. It also can target specific websites or content you know your audience reads or interacts with. Think of it as the billboard advertising of the internet.

How It Works

All websites require some method to pay for themselves. Businesses generally use their websites to create leads and drive revenue, but bloggers and other entertainment-focused websites generate revenue through online ad display markets.

Businesses can buy ad space from these large internet advertising markets, and pair them up with data from their websites, customer lists, and crms to reach people who’ve previously interacted with them before.

In addition, with the integration of advanced audience demographics and segmentation targeting, you can reach new potential customers on their favorite websites, wherever they are.

Why Choose Martin City Marketing?

We start by looking into detailed marketing analytics to find who your current customers are, and what commonalities exist. For example, do they visit similar websites? Are they in specific demographics that we can target, etc.?

Our skilled team of graphic designers uses that information to create offers and eye-catching display advertisements that will appeal to those similar audiences.

We use those display advertisements, website remarketing lists, and demographic targeting to advertise across the internet in the most relevant places.

Retargetting visitors who’ve already visited your website, but didn’t convert. And finding new customers who’ve never even heard of your brand before.

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