Tactical E-Mail Marketing 

Is a powerful form of connecting with your customers, and business prospects. Some refer to the email list as the lifeblood of any business.

How It Works

Emails can easily reach a reader’s inbox, and with carefully engineered headlines and emails, we can help you build relationships with prospects and advocacy with customers. Keeping your business connected with those that matter most.

We can build advanced email systems that can contact your website visitors when they visit certain pages or complete sets of actions implying advancement in the buying cycle.

Why Choose Martin City Marketing?

Advanced Tactical Email Marketing allows us to build advanced contact systems connecting you with your customers at the moments which matter most, with offers that are incredibly relevant to their current buying journey.

We also send out offers, updates, and interesting content to keep old customers and new potential customers engaged and moving through your sales funnel.

The best part about email marketing is how cost-effective it is compared to direct mail marketing. Although both are best used together, email marketing can be an incredibly cost-effective way for smaller to mid-sized businesses to stay connected with their customer base.

Tactical Email Marketing
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