Hybrid-Mail Marketing

Hybrid Mail Marketing Is an innovative new addition to the digital marketing space, it combines the power of traditional direct mail marketing, with the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of email marketing.

How It Works

Emails can easily reach a reader’s inbox, but unless they are familiar or curious, many times they won’t even be open or read.

By advertising with email and direct mail marketing, businesses can double their chances of building curiosity and awareness of their marketing messages. Using advanced hybrid mail marketing gives you the best of both worlds.

Why Choose Martin City Marketing?

Think about how frequently you’ve ignored an email, or thrown away a piece of mail you didn’t recognize or find important in the trash. If you are like most people, it’s probably a pretty frequent, if not daily ritual.

Through experimentation and data analytics we’ve discovered the perfect secret sauce to combining both digital and traditional mail marketing.

With synchronized email drops, we can build awareness, and curiosity before, during and after the physical mailer arrives in an individual’s mailbox.

This creates a synergistic energy that breaks routines and drastically increases open rates, both on the physical and digital mail pieces.

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