The Monumental World of OTT

Over-The-Top Marketing is a strategy that is most similar to Traditional TV advertising of the past, but with the added benefits of far cheaper costs, and advanced targeting.

How It Works

OTT uses new video & audio streaming platforms for advertising content to your pre-selected segmentation and audiences.
It allows you to put your business on platforms like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast. You are integrating your ads directly into channels like HBO Go, & Hulu. OTT allows your business to reach larger audiences by going over the top of traditional cable companies and linear distribution.

Why Choose Martin City Marketing?

We help our clients by using advanced targeting techniques and marketing analytics to find the perfect audience segmentation and lists to show your OTT advertisements.

With creative content carefully tailored and adjusted to appeal to these audiences, we can drive impressions, build brand awareness, and ultimately lead to more conversions and memorability.

Our advertising partners give us the ability to put your brand in front of 98% of online ad inventory and give your campaigns incredible flexibility and control.

Using Data Targeting At Scale, we can match customers through CRM Data, Retargeting Emails, Website Visitors, and even browser IP lists.
Now, there is even more value-added with the addition of Geolocation, Postal, And Keyword targeting features to have confidence in the relevance of your brand positioning.

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